Our Story

Founder Daniel Pina was inspired to start Pinmarx in 2009 after experiencing variations in pricing and service levels for both shop & on-site field automotive and equipment services while he was an investor and partner in a site construction company that specialized in wind farm and highway construction. Beginning with just one independent repair shop, Daniel started matching trucks and forklift repairs with a growing network of expert service providers, setting the stage for the creation of the Pinmarx Corporation.


Meeting with over 2,300 customers within the first 18 months of creating his new venture, Daniel knew there was an immediate need for the services of Pinmarx. Daniel’s past experience in managing thousands of ATM cash machine repairs in the financial services industry and providing high value & time sensitive repairs in the construction industry confirmed his belief that the industry needed a better way to order, track and archive services & repairs for commercial assets.


Daniel envisioned a simple software tool that could help customers & service providers streamline operations, standardize costs, reduce waste, improve safety and archive maintenance and repair data. Using his experience in electronic payment processing, ATM field technical support and construction services, he founded the Pinmarx Corporation as a free to join, B2B network that matches customers with service providers and coordinates all aspects of commercial fleets and equipment.


Co-Founders Paul Dobson & Brian Holt quickly joined in and helped design and architect the Pinmarx Connect platform that is designed to make managing daily operations easier and establishing a link from commercial fleet operators to service providers. Our platform standardizes price points and delivers an automated set of instructions and a service confirmation with each request. Fleet managers, drivers and operators would now be able to eliminate the inefficient manual processes, paper archiving, over-pricing and lengthy contracts generally required by the established fleet management companies. With over 10,000 completed services during the beta period, Daniel and the Co-Founders are pushing to revolutionize the way all fleet services are coordinated now and in the future.